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2014 Summer Reading List: Grade 5

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The Elephant Scientist
By Donna M. Jackson and Caitlin O'Connell

Caitlin O'Connell, while on an assignment studying elephants in Nambia, makes a fascinating discovery about elephant communication. 



Glory Be
By Augusta Scattergood

In the summer of 1964, Glory's town of Hanging Moss, Mississippi is disrupted by racial tension when her public pool is closed rather than becoming desegregated. 

The Great Unexpected
By Sharon Creech

Orphans Naomi and Lizzie meet Finn, a charming boy who takes them on an adventure. 

Inside Out & Back Again 
By Thanhha Lai

Through a series of poems, a young girl describes the life-changing year of 1975 when she and her family leave Vietnam and move to Alabama. 

Walls Within Walls
By Maureen Sherry

When the Smithfork family moves into an apartment in Manhattan, they soon discover clues to an old mystery. 


Rapunzel's Revenge
By Shannon Hale

In this graphic novel, Rapunzel joins forces with Jack, attempting to free the land and find her real mother. 

By R.J. Placio

Ten-year-old Auggie Pullman was born with an extreme facial abnormality. In this book, Auggie transitions from homeschooling to a 5th-grade public school. 

By Robert Paul Weston

Katrina attemps to help a zorgle, an animal whose breed is vanishing, uncover its fate. 


This list was compiled from sources including The Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network and The Parkway (MO) Summer Reading List Committee.

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