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Fall Similes


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  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Brief Description

The leaves of fall are like a roaring wildfire setting hillsides ablaze, and this lesson that has students create and decorate fall similes is like a gift just waiting to be opened!


Students create descriptive autumn similes and write them on fall-themed paper.


fall, simile, writing, season, art, autumn, September, harvest

Materials Needed

  • flower blossoms, leaves, ferns, and grasses
  • scrap paper
  • heavy books
  • heavy paper
  • clear contact paper
  • pens

Lesson Plan

Begin this lesson with an introduction or review of similes and some group practice. Then challenge students to create similes about fall topics such as leaves, birds, cider, and more. Have students write several original similes and make copies of their work. Students might frame their handwritten similes in fall colors to create a great seasonal display. Or they might create PowerPoint slides of their work.

See some ideas for connecting similes to Halloween too; scroll down the page for ideas.


Satisfactory compositions will contain the assigned number of original similes, and they will have the proper content and form. All writing should be presented in complete sentences. Evaluate student work with classroom writing standards.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World


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Originally published 09/20/2002
Last updated 10/10/2017