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Mother Nature has her say




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  • Science
  • Social Studies


  • 3-5
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  • 9-12


    Brief description

    As part of this creative writing activity, students prepare interview questions for Mother Nature and then respond (as the lady herself!) to questions designed by another student.


    • write interview questions
    • respond to interview questions through writing
    • perform research as necessary to answer questions appropriately.


    seasons, Mother Nature, writing, interview, autumn, spring, summer, fall, winter, interview, September

    Materials needed

    • paper
    • pencils
    • Internet access (optional)
    • research materials as needed

    Lesson plan

    When the seasons change, Mother Nature's quiet work is especially evident. In this activity, students consider what they would ask the imaginary figure of Mother Nature if they had the opportunity and then take on her role and reply to questions designed by another student.

    With young students, begin by discussing the change of seasons and the telltale signs that a new season is about to start. Ask the students to describe the character of Mother Nature. Older students can discuss myth and legend and what they know about Mother Nature. Why might such a figure have been created in the minds of men?

    Distribute paper and have the students create several questions they would ask Mother Nature if they had the opportunity to speak to her. You may choose to require the number of questions you feel is appropriate (probably between three and ten). Some examples might include:

    • Why does fall occur at this time of year?
    • What is your favorite season and why?
    • Why do leaves change color?
    • What is your projection for winter weather in this area?
    • Do you know Jack Frost? The Sun and Moon? Father Time?
    • How did you become Mother Nature? How long is your term?
    • Describe your position and the role you play in nature.
    • Do you enjoy being Mother Nature?
    • What is the best thing about your job? The worst?
    • Do you have a family?
    • If you could be someone other than Mother Nature, whom would you choose? Why?

    Have students record their questions on composition paper with a pseudonym. Secretly exchange the papers among the students and instruct them to write responses to some or all of the questions. When they reply, the students should respond as Mother Nature and use her "voice" as they imagine it. They should research scientific and social studies topics as needed. Be sure that the students write their names on the papers they have responded to and collect the replies. Return the papers to their original owners so they may read the pages and add their names beside their pseudonyms.


    Have each student share a favorite question and response from the interview he created. Collect the papers again for evaluation. An interview that meets expectations will contain the required number of questions, all material will be appropriate, and the writing will meet classroom guidelines. Responses must also be appropriate and thoughtful as well as reflective of the proper voice and related research.

    Lesson plan source

    Education World

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    Cara Bafile