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Reading Olympics


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K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Brief Description

Students participate in a wide variety of fun reading- and book-related activities. The emphasis in this activity is on fun rather than specific skills.


Students will
  • participate in a wide variety of activities that emphasize fun over skills,
  • earn medals for finding the book with the most pictures, the longest word in a book, and other similar activities,
  • create their own "Reading Olympics" activities.


reading, Olympics, games, compete, medals, books, picture, vocabulary, oral, aloud, title, comprehension, literature

Materials Needed

  • books, books, books ...
  • medals (computer-generated or student-created)

Lesson Plan

Encourage students to participate/compete in a wide variety of book-related activities, such as
  • reading the most pages within a set time limit.
  • creating the longest list of characters in a single story.
  • finding the longest word on a page.

For additional activity suggestions, see the complete Reading Olympics lesson.

Additional Resources:
Many schools and communities hold their own "Reading Olympic" competitions. The Web pages listed below might provide some ideas for starting such an event in your community:


Base your assessment on the amount of fun students have during the competition, rather than on skills.

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Education World

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Gary Hopkins

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Originally published 2/8/2002
Last updated 01/07/2010