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Olympic Metrics


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3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students complete a work sheet in which they convert metric measurements to their U.S. equivalents. (Younger students use an online metric converter; older students use a formula to calculate the measurements.)


Students will
  • convert metric measurements to their U.S. equivalents,
  • use an online conversion tool to calculate the equivalents or check their work (optional).


estimate, decimal, metric, measurement, Olympic, skating, skiing, sports

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Provide students with a copy of the appropriate Olympic Metrics work sheet. They will use the work sheet to convert the metric measurements of some Olympic events to U.S. units.

Note: This lesson can be adapted for use at different grades. For example:

Extension Activity 1: Adapt the work sheet to include a column in which students estimate the measurement prior to using the online conversion tool or completing the required calculations.
Extension Activity 2: Have students who use formulas to calculate the U.S. equivalents of metric measurements check their work using one of the online conversion tools.


Students will correctly convert at least 8 of 10 measurements from metric to U.S. measurements.
Answer Key: (All answers have been rounded to the nearest tenth.) 1. 6.2 miles 2. 546.8 yards 3. 18.6 miles 4. 3.1 miles 5. 1.9 miles 6. 9.3 miles 7. 4.6 miles 8. 24.8 miles 9. 4,921.2 feet 10. 3,280.8 yards

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Education World

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Gary Hopkins

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Originally published 02/08/2002
Last updated 01/07/2010