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That's a Good Idea!

Subject: Social Sciences
Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students develop concepts for new products and follow the process for patenting their designs.


Students learn about the patent process in the United States.


invention, patent

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

  • Ask students to explore Futuristic Inventions and Cool Stuff at the Fortress of Infinitude.
  • Organize students into groups, and have each group develop a concept for a new product or for improving an existing product.
  • After students have developed their concepts, have them explore the Handbook for Inventors to learn how to patent their inventions.
  • Ask each group to visit the U.S. Patent Office to learn How to Get a Patent. Then have them complete (but not file!) a patent application. Remind students to include drawings or photographs with their "applications."
  • Have each student present his or her application to the class. Ask the rest of the students to vote on which applications they would approve.
Extension: Invite students to take the Brown & Michaels Patent Quiz.


Evaluate students on the quality and appropriateness of the material included their patent applications, on their oral presentations, and on their participation in group discussions.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Linda Starr

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Social Sciences: