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I'll Trade You Henry Ford for Ben Franklin!

Subject: Social Sciences
Grade: 3-5, 6-8


Brief Description

Students create and trade inventor trading cards.


Students explore the concept of supply and demand.


economics , inventors, supply and demand, trading cards

Materials Needed


Lesson Plan


  • Have each student use the Trading Card Template to create a set of inventor trading cards.
  • Organize students into teams of four, and have them play the Trading Cards Game.
  • Ask: Who was able to buy or trade a complete set of trading cards? Which cards were worth most? Why? Which cards were worth least? Why? How did the demand for each card relate to the supply of each card?
Extension: Invite students to complete the Great Scientists and Inventors Quiz.


Evaluate students on the accuracy of the information on their trading cards and on participation in the class discussion.

Lesson Plan Source

Great Scientists and Inventors Trading Card Project

Submitted By

Maureen Bullis, Woodward Elementary School, Tigard, Oregon

National Standards

Social Sciences:


Originally published 06/18/2001
Links last updated 01/03/2007