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Discover Mexico's Secrets

Subject: Social Sciences
Grade: 3-5, 6-8


Brief Description

Students follow CIA procedures to discover Mexico's secrets and then write reports about their findings.

Objectivesmexico history

Students explore the geography, history, society, economy, and government of Mexico.


Mexico, geography, history, society, economy, government, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

  • Share with students the CIA Intelligence Cycle: Who We Are and What We Do. Discuss the steps agents follow to gather and present information.
  • Discuss with students the roles of the four teams described here.
  • Organize students into teams of four, and assign each team an aspect of life in Mexico to investigate, such as the geography, history, society, economy or government.
  • Explain that one student on each team will fulfill one of the following roles: National Clandestine Service, Directorate of Science and Technology, Directorate of Intelligence, and Directorate of Support. As they carry out their roles, students will be expected to follow and/or document each of the steps in the CIA's investigative process. Encourage students to include charts and graphs as well as text in their final reports.
  • Have each team's Directorate of Support present its report to the class.


Evaluate students on the content, appearance, and presentation of their reports as well as on their group participation.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Linda Starr



Updated 04/27/2015