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Where in the World Is Mexico?

Subject: Geography
Grade: Pre-K-2, 3-5


Brief Description

Students create puzzles of a map of Mexico.


Students practice map-reading skills as they locate Mexico and its cities on a world map.


Mexico, map, capital, city, country, North America, puzzle

Materials Needed

Optional Materials for Extension Activity

Lesson Plan

  • Display the Enchanted Learning Map of Mexico and Geographic Information or another large colored map of Mexico.
  • Ask students a series of questions about the Map of Mexico and Geographic Information
    1. Which U.S. states border Mexico on the north? (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas)
    2. Which ocean is west of Mexico? (Pacific)
    3. Which body of water is east of Mexico? (Gulf of Mexico)
    4. Which countries border Mexico on the south? (Belize, Guatemala)
    5. What is the capital of Mexico? (Mexico City)
      Is the Sonoran Desert in northern or southern Mexico? (northern)
    6. In which direction would you travel to go from Chihuahua to Cancun? (southeast)
    7. How many peninsulas does Mexico have? (two)
  • Distribute one Map of Mexico and Geographic Information printable map, index card, and envelope to each student. (Older students might use the Free Blank Outline Map of Mexico instead.) Have each student color the map, cut it out, and glue it to the index card.
  • Ask each student to cut the map into four or five irregularly shaped pieces, place the pieces in an envelope, and exchange the envelope with another student.
  • Invite students to reassemble the map they receive.

Extension: Show students How to Make a Mexican Paper Flower.


Evaluate students on the maps they create, their ability to correctly reassemble the maps, and their participation in the class discussion.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Linda Starr

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