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Who Am I?

Subject: Economics
Grade: K-2, 3-5


Brief Description

Students play a game of charades, acting out the roles of producers and consumers.


Students learn how goods and services are produced and consumed.


charades, producers, consumers, economy, economics

Materials Needed


  • pictures of consumers and producers
  • Use It, Consume It! work sheet (printed and distributed to students or reproduced on a chalkboard or an overhead)

Lesson Plan


  • Provide each student with a picture of a consumer or a producer. The pictures might include a woman pumping gas, a man working on an assembly line, an automobile salesman, a child in a cafeteria line, a farmer, and so on.
  • Play a game of charades in which each student performs the action shown in his or her picture. As each person's action is guessed, list the actions on the chalkboard in two columns. In one column, list producers and in the other column list consumers. Do not put headings above the columns.
  • After each student has had a turn, ask students to decide what the actions in each column have in common. Brainstorm with students headings for the columns.
Extension: Invite students to complete, or complete with students, the Use It, Consume It! work sheet.


Evaluate students on their participation in class discussions.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Linda Starr

National Standards

Social Sciences:


Originally published 04/16/2001
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