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Heart Art

Subject: Visual Arts
Grade: K-2, 3-5


Brief Description

Students create Valentine mobiles.


Students increase fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination as they create Valentine decorations.


Valentine, mobile, art

Materials Needed


  • 9- by 12-inch red construction paper, several pieces for each student
  • scissors
  • pencils
  • glue
  • string, one 12-inch piece for each student
  • glitter
  • paper doilies (optional)
  • stickers (optional)
  • oak tag heart patterns, various sizes, none more than 3 inches long

Lesson Plan

Provide students with the following directions:

  • Trace one of the heart patterns on red construction paper.
  • Cut out the heart. Then cut another heart from the inside of the first heart to create a heart and a frame.
  • Cut out six or seven hearts and frames of various sizes and decorate them.
  • Glue the hearts and frames, together or separately, onto a 12-inch piece of string. (See the illustration at the Web site.)

Note: Complete directions and illustrations for the Valentine Mobile activity can be found on the Art Kids Rule Web site. See Scroll to Valentine Mobile.


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Lesson Plan Source

Art Kids Rule

Submitted By

Barbara Sonek

National Standards

Fine Arts:


Last updated 1/31/2012