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The Future of Technology


Subject:Technology, Language Arts
Grade:6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Students explore historical predictions about technology and design a technology product they think will be available in 2025.


Students explore the history of technology and use what they know about the past and the present to make predictions about the future.


technology, future, predictions

Materials Needed

Technology Predictions from the Past work sheet
An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Technology and Social Change for the Next One Thousand Years
Futurists: Technology wonders ahead other print and online resources on the future of technology

Lesson Plan


Answers to Technology Predictions from the Past:
1. computers (Ken Olson, president, chairman, and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977); 2. World Wide Web; 3. telephone (Western Union internal memo, 1876); 4. motion picture (Thomas Edison, 1922); 5. television (Alan Mckeon, CEO ViewCall, September, 1996); 6. computers (Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943); 7. radio (David Sarnoff's associates in response to his urging for investment in the radio in the 1920s); 8. computers (Seymour Papert, 1984).

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Linda Starr

National Standards


Language Arts: