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Help Others on
Boxing Day



Subject: Language Arts, Technology
Grade: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Boxing Day has nothing to do with fighting! Students learn about Boxing Day and participate in an activity about giving to people in need. Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and several other countries.



  • learn about Boxing Day.
  • collect canned goods and/or clothing to give to those in need
  • decorate boxes for the donated goods.


December, holidays, Boxing Day, needy, celebration, England

Materials Needed

Internet access or printouts from one or more of these sites:

Lesson Plan

Prior to the lesson: Collect several large cardboard boxes.

  • Begin the lesson by asking students what they think happens on Boxing Day. For younger students, read information from one or more of the sites listed in the Materials section. For older students, distribute printouts from one or more of the sites or, if Internet access is available to everyone, have students visit the sites online.
  • Explain that in some countries, Boxing Day is a time for giving to people in need. Ask students to name some ways they can help needy people.
  • Have students decorate the cardboard boxes, using materials of their choice. Ask students to bring in canned goods and/or clothing to put into the boxes.
  • Donate the filled boxes to organizations in your community that help people in need.

Extension: Ask students to write short summaries about Boxing Day and put the summaries in the boxes to explain the story behind the donations.


Observe students' participation in the activity.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

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