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A Perspective on World War II


Subject:World History,
Language Arts

Brief Description
Students work with students in other countries to compare the World War II information each country's textbooks contain.


Students learn about the events of World War II as they explore cultural stereotypes.


World War II, stereotypes, textbooks

Materials Needed

World War II History Textbooks Project, computer access and e-mail, chart paper

Lesson Plan

In the World War II History Textbooks Project, available in its entirety online, students work in small groups to

  • identify countries with which they want to partner to explore how textbooks treat World War II.
  • develop a list of questions to address.
  • post a message to international bulletin boards looking for participants in the designated countries.
  • use the Web to research information about the selected issues.
  • share all information with participating classrooms.
  • interpret the data, comparing each country's response to the selected issue.
  • create a presentation about their issue.


    Evaluate students on their participation in the project and their completed presentations.

    Lesson Plan Source

    Net Lessons: Web-Based Projects for Your Classroom provides a number of Web-based lessons from a book by Laura Parker Roerden.

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    National Standards

    World History:

    Language Arts: