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World War I Art and Artists

Subject:World History,
Language Arts,
Fine Arts

Brief Description
Students explore paintings of World War I, research artists, and explain what the artists meant to convey in the paintings.


Students explore the meanings of specific art objects in relation to World War I.


World War I, art

Materials Needed

Art of the First World War or a selection of paintings created during World War I, a variety of print and online resources on 20th-century artists

Lesson Plan

Invite students to explore Art of the First World War. Ask each student to choose a painting and research the life of the artist. Then have each student assume the character of the artist and explain to classmates, without identifying the painting selected, what the artist meant to convey in the work. Ask students to match each artist with a painting, based on the descriptions.


Evaluate students on their research, as demonstrated in their presentation.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Linda Starr

National Standards

World History:

Fine Arts:

Language Arts:

Originally published 10/30/2000
Links last updated 04/27/2007