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Tastes Great -- Is It Good for You?


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  • K-2
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Brief Description

Students use the Food Pyramid established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to evaluate the nutritional value of their favorite foods.


Students learn which foods and the number of servings make up a nutritional diet.


food guide pyramid, my pyramid, nutrition, snacks, diet, favorite, foods, healthy

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

  • Distribute copies of the completed Food Pyramid. Discuss the items on the pyramid and the number of servings. (You may choose to test prior knowledge by having students first fill in what they know on a blank Food Pyramid. For example, have them come up with different food groups and add them to the blank Pyramid. Then pass out the completed Pyramid and ask students to compare it to what they wrote on the blank version.)
  • Ask students to name and list five of their favorite foods. Have them group the foods under the correct headings in the completed Food Pyramid.
  • Ask students, "Which of your favorite foods are healthful? Which ones are not healthful?" Have students discuss and write their responses.
  • If desired, have students track their eating choices using the food tracking worksheet. Ask them whether they might make any changes in their diet. Encourage students to give reasons for their answers.

Extension: Have older students explore food guide pyramids for various ethnic/cultural groups and special populations.


Evaluate students' participation and responses.

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