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Spanish in English


Subject:Language Arts
Grade:3-5, 6-8

Brief Description
Students create a glossary of Spanish words that are used in the English language.


Students learn about the influence of Spanish words on the English language.


Spanish, English, glossary, language

Materials Needed

  • printouts from the Web sites listed in the Lesson Plan
  • dictionaries
  • paper and pens
  • construction paper
  • markers or crayons

Lesson Plan

  • Prior to lesson, print out pages from some of the following sources:
    --- Loan-Words and Where They Come From
    --- English Borrows from Spanish
    --- List of English Words of Spanish Origin
    Write the words from these sources on the board.
  • Call on students to read the words on the board. Explain that the words they see are Spanish words that are used in the English language. Tell students that they are going to create a glossary using the words on the board and other words.
  • Assign each student a word. Tell each student to write the definition of the word from a dictionary.
  • Assign each student a letter of the alphabet. Tell students to use the dictionary to find another English word that has a Spanish origin beginning with the assigned letter.
  • When everyone has finished, ask a student to compile the completed definitions in ABC order. Ask students to brainstorm a design for the cover the glossary. Have one or more students use construction paper and drawing materials to create the cover illustration.


Evaluate students' definitions and words.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

National Standards

Language Arts

Foreign Language

Originally published 09/25/2000
Links last updated 08/22/2008