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Where in the World Is Australia?


Subject: Social Sciences, Language Arts
Grade: 6-8

Brief Description
Let students explore! They locate Australia on a world map and use an outline map of the country to complete a map-skills worksheet.


Students correctly

  • locate Australia on a world map or globe.
  • answer oral questions about Australia.
  • complete a map-skills worksheet about Australia.


Australia, geography, map, globe, world, equator

Materials Needed (per student)


Note: Write a map key on the board for the directions north, south, east, west and a legend symbol (filled-in circle) for cities.

Lesson Plan


  • Ask students to find Australia and the equator on the world map or globe. Ask students whether Australia is north of the equator or south of the equator. After soliciting students' responses, explain that Australia has the nickname the "land down under" because the entire continent is south of the equator.
  • Call on students to locate on the map or globe sites near Australia, such as the Indian Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, or the Coral Sea.
  • Distribute the Australia Map worksheet and outline maps. Tell students to use the outline map and the information they discussed to complete the worksheet.

Answer Key:
Part I. 1. (a) New South Wales, 2. (c) Darwin, 3. (b) southwestern, 4. (c) Canberra, 5. (a) Tasmania, 6. (b) west, 7. (c) New South Wales, 8. (a) Melbourne, 9. (b) along the coast.
Part II. Check students' maps.


Evaluate students' completed worksheets.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

National Standards

Language Arts:

Social Sciences:


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