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Crisscrossing the Country:
Where Is It? (#2)



  • Civics
  • Geography
  • Government
  • U.S. History


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Students match ten famous landmarks to the states in which they are found. The student work sheet is provided.


Students use the National Park Service's online search engine to find the location of each of ten famous sites on the student work sheet provided. (Note: This activity involves a simple online search. Students will find answers within one page of the search engine. However, they may need to look beyond the opening paragraphs to find the answers to the questions; they might also need to know state abbreviations.)


landmark, monument, national park

Materials Needed

computers with Internet access or printed material from the Web sites that are part of this activity (This activity might also be done using library resources, but Internet access is preferable.)

Lesson Plan

Print out the student work sheet for students to use in completing this activity.


Students will correctly identify at least eight of the ten states.
ANSWER KEY:  1. i,  2. h,  3. a,  4. c,  5. g,  6. e,  7. f,  8. b,  9. d,  10. j.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins



Originally published 07/23/2001
Last updated 06/16/2017