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DIRECTIONS: Crisscross the country to find the states in which the ten famous places below can be found. Draw a line from the place name in the first column to its state or states in the second column.

TIP! Use library books to find the state in which each famous place is located. You might also find information by typing the name of the place into the Visit Your Parks search engine at

1. Arches National Park   
a. Alaska
2. Big Bend National Park
b. California
3. Denali National Park
c. Maryland
4. Fort McHenry National Monument  
d. Mississippi
5. Fort Sumter National Monument  
e. Missouri
6. George Washington Carver National Monument
f. Pennsylvania
7. Independence National Historical Park
g. South Carolina
8. Mojave National Preserve  
h. Texas
9. Vicksburg National Military Park
i. Utah
10. Yellowstone National Park
j. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

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