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The Largest Volcano on Earth


Subject: Science, Social Studies
Grade: 6-8, 9-12
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Brief Description
Students create time lines of two major Mauna Loa eruptions and use the information to determine what happens during a typical volcanic eruption.


Students use textual information to create time line. Students draw conclusions from known facts and extend that knowledge to new situations.


volcano, table, time line, eruption

Materials Needed

1984 Eruption: March 25 - April 15 (online or printed and distributed to students), 50th Anniversary of Mauna Loa's Most Spectacular Eruption (online or printed and distributed to students)

Lesson Plan

Provide students with online or printed descriptions of the 50th Anniversary of Mauna Loa's Most Spectacular Eruption and the 1984 Eruption: March 25 - April 15. Ask students to choose one of those eruptions and create time lines detailing the volcanic events that occurred. When the time lines are complete, brainstorm with students a list of events that occurred during both eruptions. Use the list to create a time line of a "typical" volcano. Display the time line on a classroom bulletin board. Encourage students to draw or download pictures about the events listed and attach them to the time line.


Evaluate students on the accuracy of the information in their individual time lines.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Linda Starr


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Originally published 06/26/2000
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