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Summer Sarcophagus and Other Summer Activities

Subject:Visual Arts
Grade:K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
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Brief Description
Students decorate a box for keeping the special "relics" they collect over the summer and then hide the box in a safe place or give it to a friend.

Students demonstrate creative thinking skills in decorating and collecting.

summer, sarcophagus, box, relic, collect, decorate

Materials Needed
boxes (any kind: shoe boxes, packing boxes, etc.), materials to decorate boxes, items chosen by each student to put inside his or her box

Lesson Plan
Print out a copy of Summer Sarcophagus, and give students the steps.
For additional cool crafts and activities, go to Yucky Fun & Games: Icky Experiments.

Activities include tools for evaluation and/or reflection.

Lesson Plan Source
Education World

Submitted By
Lois Lewis

National Standards
Visual Arts:

Updated 03/18/2007