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Twitter Party Roundup: Preparing Students for Work

Did you catch EducationWorld's Jan. 5 Twitter Party? We had a great conversation about how to prepare kids for the 21st Century workforce. Experts and participants shared many great perspectives on getting today's high schoolers ready for tomorrow's careers. If you weren't able to make the party, we've gathered all the highlights of the event for you here.

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In addition to EducationWorld staff and partygoers, our panel of experts included:

@FLGraduates - Heather Beaven is the CEO of The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida's Graduates, a school-to-career nonprofit serving over 3,000 students statewide annually.

@KarenCollias - Karen Collias is an educational consultant, the founder of Knowledge Without Borders and an expert in STEM curriculum.

@mariscallahan - Maris Callahan is the founder of Maris Callahan Marketing and Public Relations. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.

@MarilynCurtain - Marilyn Curtain-Phillips, M. Ed., is a high school mathematics teacher, college instructor, and creator of the Math Attack program.

@GetCollegeSmart - Dr. Robert Neuman is a former Dean of Academic Advising for Marquette University and author of Are You Really Ready for College: A College Dean’s 12 Secrets for Success.

@crccasia - Sean Marder is a recent graduate and Associate Marketing Manager of CRCC Asia Ltd.

@raytkelly - Ray Kelly is CEO of Certiport and a global advocate for the value of technology-enabled education.


Here are some of our favorite tweets from the party:

@KarenCollias - Kids make global connections through gaming and Facebook, and going abroad can change the lives of young people - seeing is learning.

@CProvini - Find someone who does what you think you want to do for a job. Shadow her and find out how she got where she is.

@MarilynCurtain - A student should take an inventory of his/her strengths and interests. Look at how that can be used in a career field that is marketable.

@KarenCollias - Service learning is an opportunity for students to work with others - from tutoring to research projects - to improve their community.

@GetCollegeSmart - Any classroom is a place for collaborative learning if the teacher has the right skills. Students can learn from each other.

@MarilynCurtain - Yes, before entering college students need to know the marketability of the field they choose. Will their major be in demand?

@GetCollegeSmart - Career-ready skills are developed in English, math, science, etc. They all teach universal skills needed in the workplace.

@RayTKelly - Plus, many career-ready skills are also college-ready skills. Learning how to use a computer will help in college OR on the job.

@FLGraduates - Why are we trying to make children fit our idea of education? They are the consumer. We should create products they thirst for.

@GetCollegeSmart - Students need some idea about jobs, careers, and college majors before entering college. So high schools have to help them do this.

@KarenCollias - STEM is foundation for the global challenges of the 21st century but must be accompanied by a focus on creativity & communication.

@MarisCallahan - I think that prof. conduct is a skill that many do not "get" when they enter workforce, i.e addressing clients too informally.

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