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Teacher of the Day

Name:  Glykeria Gouvatsou

School:  11th GEL of Peristeri

Subject:  English

State:  Athens, Greece

What or who inspired you to become a teacher?

My first primary class teacher. Since the day I met her, I remember myself during summer holidays gathering the neighborhood children of my age and sitting on the pavement to share anything I had learned the previous night and what's more, urge them to do the same for us the following day. Most importantly, I loved singing with them, acting roles and organizing strolls in the nearest park with their parents' permission. (This actually made MY parents mad!)

How are things different for you now, compared to when you first started teaching?

Students are not the naives they used to be. They are great personalities, eager to learn fast and technology fans. I have to adapt to changing and demanding situations in order to be able to really offer to them. This means life-long learning. Learn anything about technology and what's more, learn how to be a mentor for them. They do not really need a teacher! They need a person to inspire and guide them in the magnificent learning process.

What advice would you give to a new or struggling teacher?

The very first days are crucial! Rules have to be set for both sides and "contracts" signed. "Preventing is always better than healing." Praising any effort is desirable. Besides, students deserve to know from the very starting moment what they are expected to learn and when. Above all, regardless of students' age, they all need LOVE and encouragement, without being too loose. All students know how to respect love and caring.

My best day in the classroom was when…

...a 14-year-old girl called me "Mum." It was very touching hearing that in the middle of the lesson without having anyone make fun of it.

The best compliment I ever received was...

"... my son was about to abandon school; he has changed his mind and will give another chance to himself trying harder! Thank you for that."

What's your favorite part of the school year?

The end of the school year when we admire the KWL charts on the pinboard reflecting things they have learned! They feel so proud, and I do too! Concerning the granduates (18-year-olds), I also feel very proud when I hear from them "Thank you for the collaboration." I like this word.

What is your one must-have item for the classroom?

My lesson plan.

What do you eat for breakfast on school days?

Milk and cereal.

What movie or TV show do you secretly love?

To Sir, with Love


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