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Tools for Teaching


Dr. Fred Jones, a clinical psychologist, has studied highly successful teachers for more than 30 years. In the process, he has developed a method of classroom management in which the prevention of discipline problems and training children to be responsible are carried out in a positive and affirming context. His practical, clear-cut techniques, as described in his book, Tools for Teaching, are both effective and doable for all teachers.

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The King of Classroom Management: An Education World e-Interview with Classroom Management Expert Fred Jones
Since 1969, Fred Jones has offered teachers advice about how to manage students and classrooms effectively. In this Education World Wire Side Chat, Jones shares his thoughts about the difficulties teachers face in classrooms today. Included: Jones talks about the failure of the nation's colleges and universities to provide future teachers with adequate training and how legislators make teachers' jobs even tougher.

Preferred Activity Time (PAT) Is Preferred by Kids and Teachers
Talk with any group of teachers, and you're likely to discover that at least one of them is using PAT ("preferred activity time"), a reward system described by Fred Jones in his book Positive Classroom Discipline. Because the system requires little effort and expense, teachers are taking it up -- and because it is fun, students are eating it up! Whether teachers view the time students earn as free time or educational game time, they all agree that PAT works. Included: Teachers share favorite educational games from their PAT repertoires.

Tools for Teaching
Dr. Fred Jones shares his classroom management strategies in this monthly Education World column.