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Making Review Time
Fun and Worthwhile





Reviewing for tests can be a dreaded chore for both students and teachers -- but it doesn't have to be. Education World has gathered resources to help tired educators liven up review time for everyone. Students will enjoy these review games, and teachers will see the results in improved test scores.

Learn More About Using Review Games to Reinforce Content

Review Games = Learning + Fun
Reviewing for those inevitable end-of-unit tests doesn't have to be tedious for you and boring for your students. Liven up your review lessons -- or reinforce previously taught skills --with one of the five review lessons below:

  • Friendly Feud -- Adapt the "Family Feud" TV game to reinforce any subject or skill.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe, What Do You Know? -- Students win Xs and Os as they review knowledge and reinforce skills.
  • Around-the-Room Review -- Students ask and answer questions in this fun review game.
  • Will the Winners Lose? -- In this review and reinforcement game, negative scoring means even the winners can lose.
  • My Very-Own-Personal-Private-Whiteboard Review -- Individual whiteboards engage students and stimulate learning.

Reviving Reviews: Refreshing Ideas Students Can't Resist
Is review time a deadly bore for you and your students? Add a little activity to review time and you might be surprised at the fun you have. Games will spice up reviews, revive interest, and ensure retention. This article includes the following five review games:

  • Four-Corner Fun -- Multiple choice review questions are center stage in this fun activity.
  • Round Robin Post-It Review -- This small-group activity is a fun way for students to review new skills.
  • Play Ball -- Students advance the bases as they give correct answers to review questions.
  • Student-Created Study Guides -- Build note-taking and outlining skills as students create study guides for their classmates.
  • "Concentration" Review Game -- Adapt the TV game to review hundreds of skills.

Spark Interest in Spelling
Each May, students compete in the National Spelling Bee. In most classrooms, however, spelling is a yearlong activity. This Education World archive includes resources for teaching and reviewing spelling words. You'll have students spelling up a s-t-o-r-m!

Quia: The Quintessential Teacher's Helper
Want to motivate students with reviews that are fun and interactive, but you don't have the time or technology background to create online activities? Quia to the rescue! With Quia, teachers can build online games and quizzes with their own content.

Learning Games for Students in Grades 3-5
Education World found ten sites that elementary grade teachers should keep in mind when they're looking for a way to engage students' interest while increasing their knowledge or enhancing their skills.

Additional Resource

Popular Games: PowerPoint Templates
In the opening paragraphs of this article, find links to PowerPoint templates you can use to build classroom reviews in popular TV game show formats such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Hollywood Squares, and Weakest Link.


Updated: 03/26/2015