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The "Responsive
Classroom" Approach


Developed by classroom teachers, the Responsive Classroom® approach emphasizes students' social as well as academic growth. Social skills -- such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control -- are taught directly and indirectly through morning meetings, prescribed rules with logical consequences, and organized play. Other emphases include guided discovery as a means of engaging students; academic choice to develop self-motivated learners; and family communication.

Learn More About the Responsive Classroom Approach

Responsive Classroom Practices Teach Whole Child
Ed World recently visited two Responsive Classroom schools. The approach, advocates say, teaches children to be independent learners and more considerate people. Learn firsthand what excites teachers and motivates students in Responsive Classrooms.

Responsive Classroom Practices in Action
Education World looks at how Responsive Classroom practices play out in schools and classrooms. Included: Descriptions of Responsive Classroom practices.

How Responsive Classroom Practices Work
Do Responsive Classroom practices sound too good to be true? Learn how Responsive Classroom techniques can save teachers time and make school more pleasant for students and teachers.

Ruth Sidney Charney, co-founder of the Responsive Classroom approach, offers this weekly activity that allows the exchange of compliments and criticism among students in your class and can help resolve conflicts and teach children how to properly handle conflict.

Read About "Responsive Classroom" Books
Class Rules Smooth Way for the Year
Are you spending as much class time squelching skirmishes and fighting for students' attention as you are on fractions and essays? Rules in School can help you regain instructional time by developing class rules and consequences at the start of the year.

Off to a Good Start
Get off to a good start with this slim volume that's big on practical tips for ensuring a successful year. The book offers a collection of the most frequently requested articles from Responsive Classroom: A Newsletter for Teachers.

Familiar Ground: Traditions That Build School Community
This inspiring volume describes how a school staff uses traditions to weave a school of individual students, staff, and families into one community. The focus is on all-school traditions, not those of a single teacher.

The First Six Weeks of School: A Plan for Making the Other 36 Weeks Go Smoothly
Careful planning of the first six weeks of school can pay big dividends throughout the rest of the year. Included: Tips for teaching students to be independent workers, plus starting the day with a morning meeting and ending it with a brief period of reflection.

The School Day: It's Not a Race; Let's Change the Pace!
Responsive Classroom teacher Chip Wood takes a serious look at the frenetic pace of teaching and learning. He offers dozens of suggestions for refocusing on what's really important during the school day.


Ruth Sidney Charney Archive
Read eight articles on Responsive Classroom strategies written by Ruth Sudney Charney, co-decveloper of the Northeast Foundation for Children.

Responsive Classroom Archive
A sampling of articles from the Responsive Classroom Newsletter reprinted with permission on Education World.