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Content:  WebMath is a homework-helper Web site created by Discovery Education. It contains explanations and tools for learning and practicing dozens of math-related exercises, from simple functions to complex calculus.Schools fo thought

Design:  The design of this site is clean and straightforward. A toolbar across the top leads to different subject areas within the WebMath site, which is a subset of the Discovery Education site (there is also a Discovery Education Toolbar, which can be a little confusing). Pages feature quite a bit of text, but this is necessary for the explanations.

Review:  WebMath is a powerful site with content that helps demystify challenging concepts. Testing out the math helpers for a few functions that first-graders might use resulted in really helpful explanations and examples. Though it doesn’t have a lot of fancy graphics, this site presents the material in a way that mimics what kids should be doing on paper.

Bottom Line:  WebMath has tremendous potential for reinforcing concepts. The only downside is that kids could potentially put in problems and get their answers (and work shown) without actually doing the legwork. Parent or teacher involvement is key when kids use this site for homework.

Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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