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Site Review: SpellingCity

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ContentThis award-winning site helps students and teachers improve English Language Arts skills such as vocabulary and spelling. SpellingCity also regularly introduces new features, many based on input from users.

PenzuDesign:  The site isn’t exactly clean. In fact, it’s rather cluttered, with blocks of content that appear to have been laid out at random. Also, the overall theme of the homepage is sales. There is only one small area designated for actual use of the learning activities; everything else touts the product and encourages sign-ups for the premium package.

Review:  Once users get past the sales pitch and really begin using the site, they will find it rather helpful. Content reflects proven best practices in education. The simple interface is easy for elementary students to master and provides a level of fun along with instruction.

While the product is useful, its cost seems a bit steep. The Internet is literally filled with similar learning programs that or either cheaper or free. While SpellingCity does offer a solid platform, it isn’t so much better than its less-expensive competitors.

Bottom Line:  Hidden behind a big sales pitch and a relatively steep price is a very useful English Language Arts learning program.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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