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Content:  The site’s stated goal is to “provide an enthusiastic, imaginative and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students and guests develop a lifelong appreciation, understanding and stewardship for our environment.”

seaworldDesign: Apart from a strange left-justified layout, the design is very straightforward and simple. Navigation is achieved through a main list of areas with pop-up menus that display sub-categories.

The text can be tricky to read sometimes, as some of the fonts are a little small and there isn’t a lot of space between lines. These, however, are minor critiques of an otherwise solidly designed site.

Review: While the entire site lends itself to classroom instruction, teachers will certainly want to gravitate to the teacher-specific area. Here, users will find tons of classroom materials like activities and teacher guides, as well as information on educational camps and awards.

The site aims to instill in students a love and respect for the natural world, and uses lessons on animals and the environment to accomplish this. Science and biology classes will certainly benefit from SeaWorld’s content, but so will civics and social studies lessons, as conservation themes are prominent in these areas

Bottom Line: Classroom activities, environmental lessons and ShamuTV make up an impressive total package that can only be found at


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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