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 Site Review: Reading is Fundamental (RIF)RIF


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Content:  This is the online destination for learning about everything the literacy advocacy group is up to.

Design:  RIF’s site certainly is welcoming, featuring bright colors and happy faces. The group is about making reading fun and accessible to all kids, and personifies those goals.

A main scroller cycles through promoted content, and two columns beneath it provide links to even more. The site is light and uncluttered, making it easy to find items of interest.

RIFReview: RIF is first and foremost a charity, so there are plenty of links on the site encouraging users to donate money or books. That’s understandable. Getting past that, users are treated to an excellent mix of original content and links to sources not affiliated with RIF. The group takes its advocacy seriously, linking to articles from the BBC as well as the New York Times to illustrate the importance of student reading.

There is plenty of information on getting involved in RIF’s movement, including ideas for promoting literacy locally. A blog, updated on a semi-regular basis, offers entries on everything from noteworthy books to events.

Bottom Line: RIF is a major player in the movement to get kids reading, so educators who are active literacy advocates will definitely want to stop by


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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