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Site Review: ProProfs



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Content:  ProProfs is an advanced, free quiz maker that allows educators to plug in information and create hard-copy exams.

Design:  Overall, the site flows nicely and offers users clear paths to desired areas. Because ProProfs offers premium versions of the quiz maker, there is heavy emphasis on the sales pitch.

Review:  The interface is simple, and the quizzes are handy. Visitors should keep in mind, however, that this is not an education-specific Web site. Users may want to try it a few times to make sure it offers exactly what they need.

Another potential negative is that because the basic version of the site is free, it contains advertising. ProProfs goes out of its way to say that all advertising is “family friendly,” but if your school has a strict policy about this, you may have to look elsewhere.

A nice feature—albeit one available only to those who pay for premium service—is the ability to add videos, pictures, articles, PowerPoint and documents (word or pdf) to quizzes. Other advanced features such as quiz analytics, the quiz tracker and quizzes that students can complete online, are part of the premium version.

Bottom LineThe free version of this quiz-maker is fairly handy. For those willing to invest a little more, the premium service offers additional valuable tools.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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