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Site Review: PE Central


Content:  PE Central is a one-step destination for health and physical education teachers. It contains lesson plans, assessment tools, bulletin board ideas, videos and more. The site also offers content on active gaming and motivational programs to get students moving.

Design:  The banner on the main page of PE Central is a nicely designed logo with an easy-to-access, albeit crowded, navigation bar to access the site’s content. Neither the banner nor the navigation bar displays on all the pages, however. Also, the side bars and main column are very busy and cluttered, featuring a mix of in-house and sponsor ads and links to deeper content.

Review:  Getting to the content on PE Central is a trial in patience. It takes several clicks to actually find most of the lesson plans. Once visitors do, they are treated to really useful material that would be valuable for any PE teacher. Unfortunately, the site's dated method of presenting information is a bit off-putting.

Bottom Line:  This site contains great information but needs a drastic makeover to give it a modern, clean, user-friendly design.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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