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Site Review: Our School

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Content: Our School is an education blog that focuses on how teachers and parents can support today’s students using modern technology and methods. It includes tips on technology, parent and teacher communication, research on parent involvement and more.

Design:  The simple, easy-to-navigate blog design is clean and uncluttered. It includes the most recent story highlighted at the top of the page with nine articles excerpted below.

Review: The content on Our School is useful and connects best practices with real-life applications. Started in 2007, the site has a great cache of well thought out and well-written content on current topics.

Although produced by a woman in Canada, many of the concepts and tactics mentioned apply to educators and parents everywhere. In addition to original content, the site also highlights interesting articles from around the Web.

Bottom Line: This is a great site to bookmark and read when you have a free moment. The thought-provoking blog posts are as entertaining as they are useful. Educators also will enjoy the associated webcast.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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