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Site Review: Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Content:  The Met site offers a wealth of beautifully designed, entertaining, high-quality materials to help kids explore art, history and culture. There’s more than enough to keep kids busy for an entire school year.

Design:  A deep well of content is easy to navigate thanks to a clean, simple design. To the left of promotional boxes for current exhibits and museum hours, a short left navigation list features all the main categories, including a link to the MuseumKids section. Within MuseumKids is a series of short podcasts on exhibits, as well as the extensive Explore and Learn area aimed at young people.

Review:  The Explore and Learn area contains a collection of excellent interactive activities and games for younger kids—everything from an exploration of Harlem Artists Guild collage artist Romare Bearden to an activity where students create a sketch inspired by the French Impressionist Degas.

Another winner is the Timeline of Art History—as visitors click deeper and deeper, unpacking a library’s worth of detailed information, they’ll find engaging material suitable for both young people and adults. As if that weren’t enough, under Publications for Educators, teachers will find a series of e-books on an array of topics. These products would be suitable as classroom materials for older students.

Bottom Line:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art site is perfect for Webquests, virtual field trips and hours of classroom exploration. Both teachers and their students will be sure to learn something from the expert resources housed here.


Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor
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