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ContentLuLu is a new twist on self-publishing that the company calls “open publishing.” The site offers a platform where writers can make their work available in a myriad of formats.

LuLuDesign:  Aesthetically speaking, LuLu is pretty forgettable, but this is a case of it not mattering all that much. The site is all about pitching users on various products, and they make it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

There are only a handful of links, but they all point to areas that offer concise descriptions of the offerings.

Review:  LuLu offers K-12 educators a package of publishing-based services that can help with everything from classroom materials to yearbooks and class memory books. Users also can create dynamic education materials using the site’s online tools.

For teachers who are endlessly making copies of materials from a number of sources, LuLu can help by consolidating everything, printing it, binding it and shipping it. Simply gather your content, upload your materials, and select your quantity to print. That’s it. The company ships the resources in days and allows users to update as things change. The site is unique in that there are no minimum quantities. If you only want one book, you only order one book. In addition, LuLu boasts that it is always free to publish and access their online tools. Users only have to pay for what they have shipped.

Bottom LineIn a world filled with fees and minimum-order requirements, LuLu’s policies are a refreshing alternative.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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