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Content: This is simply a collection of great works of literature, available to read online for free.

literature is a great site for booksDesign: There is little to like in terms of design. Apart from a slightly stylized logo in the upper left corner of the page, this is pretty much black text on a stark, white background. There are no graphics, interactive elements or anything else to break up the monotony.

Review: Design limitations aside, this is a five-star site because of what it offers: literally dozens of titles from some of the greatest authors who ever lived, for free. These are not abridged versions or excerpts from the classics. These are the full texts of books from authors such as Bram Stoker, L. Frank Baum, Charles Darwin, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.

With school budgets what they are, this is an invaluable resource for literature classes. Anyone with Internet access can read any of these titles from cover to cover at no cost.

Bottom Line: Never worry about not having enough copies of A Tale of Two Cities again. You can read it and many other classics here for free.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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