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 Site Review: Learn It in 5


Site URL:  Learn It in

Content:  Learn It in 5 is a comprehensive how-to instructional video library for teachers using technology in the classroom. The site helps educators seeking to master Web 2.0 technology and/or teach students how to use it. The video collection is constantly growing, with new selections added monthly.

PenzuDesign:  While simple in design, Learn It in 5 loses some points for its use of a grating color scheme. Lots of whites, blues and blacks—all with stripes—distract the eye. Once users get past this, however, they find a very logically organized site.

The homepages houses the most recent videos, and a navigation bar that runs vertically down the right side of the page offers links to theme-specific videos. Everything is embedded, and the media player is easy to use.

Review:  The content is all useful and presented in way that is neither condescending nor over the top. Site visitors feel empowered, rather than belittled.

Some of the videos are playable by anyone, while there is a fair amount of content for which access is limited to those with a registered account. The hurdle of going through the registration process is a little much, considering that the goal of the site is to provide useful information to teachers.

Bottom Line:  Curious color choices and a needless registration process do little to diminish a wonderful tech tool for educators.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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