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Content:  EmoSocial is a Web site devoted to helping kids develop emotional intelligence by creating visual and written explanations of how they are feeling. Once they hone the ability to identify their own emotions, they work on reading social cues and understanding how each impacts the other.

emo socialDesign: The site design is bare-bones but bright and colorful. Visitors have two initial options: Get Started or Learn More. Learn More is an “about” section outlining the reasoning behind EmoSocial and how it works. Users must have an account to move ahead in the Get Started section -- and that’s free to create. Then they can create “EmoGrams,” the visual representation of emotions.

Review:  EmoSocial is pretty basic in terms of functionality. Once an account has been created (Hint: your email address is your user name), users can create a new “EmoGram” or edit an old one. The EmoGram brings together visual elements such as facial expressions, pictorial mood representations and written descriptions of situations. Users can create as many of these as they want, but that is the only function of the site. Beyond creating the emotion storyboards, there isn’t anything else to do—and nothing for kids to read about emotions, either.

Bottom Line:  EmoSocial has a worthwhile purpose: allowing kids to explore and visualize their emotions, the emotions of others and how these things impact each other. The site is somewhat of a one-trick pony, however. After creating an “EmoGram,” there isn’t any explanation or reading material for young people who want to explore what they are doing/feeling/experiencing. The site could really use facts on emotional intelligence, information about emotions or something similar. Also, though the site is intuitive, users would benefit from guidance on how to use EmoGrams with kids.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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