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Site Review: Destination 2012


Content:  Destination 2012 is the Yahoo! News site covering all things related to the next election. It contains candidate profiles, news articles, links to articles on other sites, polls and Twitter updates. The coverage relates not just to the candidates but also to major issues.

Destination 2012

Design:  The site is a subset of Yahoo! News and has both the standard Yahoo! News toolbar and a secondary one specific to Election 2012 that features categories like The Ticket, Congress and Remake America. Destination 2012 has a news-y look to it, with big photos and overlaid headlines at the top, and headline links to stories in columns below. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-follow layout.

Review: There are a lot of good elements on the Yahoo! News Destination 2012 site. The candidate profiles, for instance, are bios that provide a good introduction to each candidate. The profiles could be improved with an at-a-glance fact box to help readers quickly learn for each candidate who s/he is, what party s/he represents and where s/he lives. The news stories are useful for discussing the latest news and offer a wide range of topics. Some of the links (such as in the one with stories from ABC News) don’t relate to the election, however.

Bottom Line: Though not built specifically for educators, the nicely packaged Destination 2012 is fine for students seeking the latest on the election. A drawback is the site’s toolbar--because it doesn’t carry through all the pages, it’s easy for visitors to stray from the election news.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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