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Content:  This is the instructional arm of the CNet technological empire. Here visitors are treated to step-by-step tutorials for nearly everything electronic.

cnet how toDesignBecause this is a sub-domain of the parent site, HowTo looks and works just like CNet. There are the same graphics everywhere, along with the annoying pop-up toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen when new users visit. That said, everything is laid out in a logical manner.

The main scroller still provides the top articles of the day, although there are only three promoted stories.

Review:  When it comes to technology, how-tos are incredibly handy. The fact that industry leader CNet is behind this one provides instant credibility.

What really sets this site apart from the rest is that it is not limited to one aspect of technology. Users get great instruction on both hardware and software applications. Tips range from the basics of using a device, to little-known secrets on using those devices for unintended purposes.

Bottom Line:  Whether you need help hooking up a monitor, or want to know how to turn your mobile phone into a remote control, check out


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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