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 Site Review: BBC Primary Languages - Spanish


Site URL:  BBC.Co.UK/Schools/PrimaryLanguages/Spanish

Content:  This is the BBC’s foreign language game site for elementary students. Through this site, teachers and students can navigate through a plethora of games and activities designed to help them learn Spanish.

BBC SpanishDesign:  The site is geared toward elementary students and when viewed from a child’s eye, it is very well designed. The animations, graphics and characters are very cute and add to the overall light-heartedness of the site’s theme.

Review:  Don’t be put off by the whimsical look and feel—there are some serious learning tools here. Once a student or teacher chooses an aspect of the language to explore, a list of games and learning tools is ready to help him master it.

Tapping into children’s visual learning style, the Magic Cards game gets students to associate a foreign word with a familiar picture. Likewise, the photo galleries associated with each theme add imagery and context to the words.

There are no complicated controls or clumsy Flash interfaces, making the site easy to navigate and use. The only thing that would improve BBC Primary Languages - Spanish is access to its media files, which are blocked to U.S. users. Only a few of the themes feature a song or video, however, so there isn’t much that the U.S. crowd is missing.

Bottom Line:  Fun games and learning tools geared toward elementary learners make this a solid foreign language site.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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