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Site Review: Famous People

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Content:  Geared toward the primary grades, this site offers a tremendous amount of information and activities regarding famous and important people in world history.

wings for kidsDesign: The main page is simple and straightforward, presenting a navigable list of historical figures accompanied by a changing “Person of the Day” feature.

Once a user clicks on a particular historical figure, the pages get significantly more complex. Each entry offers a photo gallery, video and audio clips, fun facts and a detailed summary of the person’s life. All of the material is written with a younger audience in mind. For example, the entry for Sir Winston Churchill explains: “People remember Churchill as a war leader. But he did other important jobs in a long life full of adventures.”

Review: Teaching history to younger students can be a challenge, but this site makes it so much easier. With multiculturalism becoming more important every day, teachers will appreciate Famous People’s selection of classroom materials about important historical figures from around the world. The fact that the material is geared for the primary grades is even more impressive.

Visitors will enjoy handy little touches such as suggestions of famous people from a category similar to the one currently being viewed. If a user is looking at Churchill’s profile, he or she may also want to take a look at Nelson Mandela’s, given that both men are great political leaders.

In addition, the quizzes built into every profile make it a snap for teachers to jump right into a particular lesson.

Bottom Line: A multicultural learning site for the primary grades with full interactivity and assessment is a rare find. For this reason, Famous People is definitely worth a return visit.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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