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Site Review: Bad Jocks 


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Content:  This is a newsfeed that specifically details the sometimes-questionable, sometimes-criminal behavior of youth, prep, collegiate and professional athletes.

Bad Jocks

Design:  Bad Jocks is as straightforward a blog as you can get. The most recent posts reside on the top of the page, with earlier posts falling beneath in chronological order. Some entries have a YouTube embed and others have a still image, but all of the posts contain an attribution to the news agency that first broke the story.

Review: BadJocks certainly loses points for its bland design and generally poor attempts at humor. The source material is what makes this site relevant to educators, however.

Because the stories run the gamut from youth sports all the way to the professional ranks, the site serves the dual purpose of keeping teachers in the loop regarding the latest poor student behavior and offering cautionary tales of collegiate and pro offenders.

The youth and prep stories are worth reading, as they can give teachers and coaches insight into what is going on around the world. Then they can look for signs of this type of activity locally, before things cross the line from inappropriate to criminal. Keep in mind that this is NOT a site to be used in the classroom; Bad Jocks is a tool educators should use in off hours.

Bottom Line: For the latest examples of poor behavior by athletes of all ages, BadJocks offers a solid source.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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