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Site Review: TimeToast

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Content:  On TimeToast, users can create and share interactive timelines via the Web, whether they feature historical events or other important topics. Explore already-created timelines, or make your own. 

Design:  The site is very sleek and easy to navigate. Choose from templates in categories such as music, film, science, arts and culture and more. Popular timelines address everything from World War II to Forrest Gump.

View a timeline as bullet points where descriptions appear when the user hovers the mouse over a date, or view it in list form with longer descriptions and a larger format. 

Review:  This is a great tool for mapping out the lives of famous people, analyzing historical events, or even planning a family vacation. Timelines are sharable via Facebook, Twitter or embed code. The site would be helpful in the classroom for introductory lectures, group projects or even unit reviews. 

Bottom Line:  TimeToast is an easy-to-use timeline-making resource that both educators and students can use to reinforce learning in a variety of subjects. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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