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Site Review: Smore


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Content:  Educators and students can use Smore to create professional-looking electronic flyers and newsletters. Working from attractive templates, users simply enter their information and add photos, logos, links and other features; Smore then does the rest. Share and distribute materials via email or social media (recipients can print copies, if desired).

Design:  The site is nice-looking and simple to navigate. Once they register, visitors can choose a user-friendly template and make a flyer or newsletter in a matter of minutes. Smore offers many samples for inspiration. (See one here.) Even better, once a user has distributed a template or flyer, s/he gets analytics data showing how and where people saw it, how much time they spent reading it, how many clicked and if applicable, how many RSVPed.

Review:  Smore offers a discounted educator membership ($59/year)—meant for teachers, librarians, consultants, church members, parents, volunteers, or anyone who will use the site for educational purposes (and is not selling anything).

Paid memberships include unlimited monthly flyers, 5,000 monthly emails, special education-themed backgrounds, downloadable flyer JPGs and more. The site also offers a generic free plan, although it’s unclear what features may not be available with this option. Created materials are ad -free, with removable Smore logos. Members also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line:  Smore is a one-stop shop that simplifies and beautifies electronic communication with parents and the wider school community.

Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor
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