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Site Review: I Heart Guts

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Content:  This site showcases the delightful organ characters designed by Wendy Bryan. Founded in 2005, the I Heart Guts site features a wide range of well-deserved good press; a store for organ-themed plush toys, apparel and other merchandise; a sharp blog, and a fantastic interactive diagram that provides information about the major organs of the human body.

Design:  Simple and easy to navigate, this site is a joy to explore. While it will instantly appeal to younger learners, older learners should enjoy it as well.

Review:  The shop offers educational posters that would be great for a science or health classroom, and the plush toys could help introduce young students to human anatomy. A standout feature is the “About Your Guts” section, a top-notch resource for science and health classes. It features Bryan’s cute organ designs within their proper locations in the body. Users can scroll over each labeled body part and get information about what that part does.

Bottom Line:  Appealing, educational and fun for all ages, I Heart Guts offers a variety of educational products and online resources of which educators should take advantage.

Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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