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Site Review: ExamTime

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Content:  ExamTime provides free study tools for students and teachers. It also lets teachers, students (or anyone else) create flashcards, quizzes and other study tools. The site also offers a vast library of existing study materials on a wide range of subjects, including the SATs.

Design:  The site is colorful but not over-the-top, and its appealing graphics are bold in way younger students will appreciate. On the other hand, older students will not find the site's design juvenile.

Review:  The tools are simple to use, and a teacher could easily create study materials and share them with a class. Although the homepage, largely devoted to registration, doesn't immediately engage visitors, a Facebook log-in option makes opening a free account fairly straightforward.

Bottom Line:  ExamTime offers helpful tools and test-preparation content that will benefit both teachers and students.

Article by Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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