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Site Review: U.S. Census QuickFacts

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Content:  The United States Department of Commerce’s QuickFacts offers instant information about any state, county, city or town. This includes populations organized by age, gender, race, education and income, as well as information on the selected area’s businesses and geography.

Design:  The straightforward design offers four tabs at the top of the page; these present an FAQ list and a list of consolidated information on the United States. The center of the homepage displays a map that allows users to select any of the 50 states.

Review:  Providing facts for every town and city with more than 5,000 residents is no simple task, but with census information and regular estimate updates backing up this site, QuickFacts makes it look easy. What’s key about this site is access. Not only is the information well organized, but it’s also presented in a way that allows users to quickly find what they need.

Bottom Line:  This site is perfect for middle- and high-school civics and history teachers looking to gain instant access to information about the country’s population.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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