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Share Your "Voice of Experience"

Have you experienced a recent teaching epiphany -- an "Aha!" moment of reflection that led you to change the way you teach? Do you have a strong opinion about an educational issue? Can you make a good case for your ideas? We're asking you to share your revelations, your opinions, your best practices, with us!

Education World is looking for teachers to share their "voices of experience!" Not only are we inviting you to put your ideas in writing -- we're offering to pay you to do so! Each week, Education World publishes a Voice of Experience essay in which an educator like yourself shares an Aha! moment from the classroom or a strong opinion about an educational issue!

Perhaps you think you have nothing to share? That's how most of our "Voice of Experience" teachers felt -- at first! But they changed their minds as soon as they began to share their thoughts with their colleagues. Take a look at some of the essays in our Voice of Experience archive and you'll see what we mean!

Now think about your best practices and reflect upon how you arrived at them! Explore your strong opinions and reflect on the facts that back them up! That kind of reflection is the key to classroom -- and educational -- reform!

Finally, send a brief description only of an idea you would like to write about for Voice of Experience to [email protected]. We'll provide feedback about your idea and offer our thoughts -- or we'll simply give you the green light to write for us!

Either way, we look forward to learning from your "voice of experience"!

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